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NewBay Media LLC

NewBay Media LLC

Built upon an information network of award-winning magazines, conferences and events, online communities, and marketing services, NewBay Media reaches millions of professionals worldwide in print, in person and online.

NewBay Media's market leading brands are centered on five vertical markets -- Pro Audio, Broadcast and Video, Musical Instruments, AV / Consumer Electronics and K-12 Education. NewBay publishes and produces over 40 publications and show dailies, 50 websites, 30 daily and weekly E-Newsletters, 3 expos and over 50 custom publishing efforts annually.

NewBay reaches over three million readers in print and one million online and in person -- around the world in over 100 countries. NewBay Media is a trusted source to millions of readers and valued partners including advertisers and associations around the world. NewBay Media serves readers and business partners in the most dynamic, inspired, creative, and interactive vertical markets the world has ever seen.

NewBay Media offers a wide array of publications and web-based advertising opportunities for advertisers and business partners. Our mission is to serve our partners needs in the most efficient and effective manner possible. We understand your need to generate a ROI on your advertising investment and continually work to increase and improve the benefits of our advertising offerings.

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NewBay Media LLC Magazines & Media Kits

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