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CQ Communications Inc.

CQ Communications Inc.

CQ Communications, Inc. is the world's leading independent publisher of magazines, books and videos devoted to amateur radio and the radio hobby.

For more than a half-century, CQ has been on ham radio's leading edge. We are the first to promote mobile operating, semiconductors and packet radio. Our flagship publication is CQ Amateur Radio, better known simply as CQ magazine. CQ Communications also publishes these companion magazines for the radio hobbyist: CQ VHF, Popular Communications and WorldRadio Online.

In addition, CQ Communications sponsors a wide variety of operating awards and on-air contests, and publishes a broad range of amateur radio books, videos and other products.

Source: CQ Communications Inc. website.

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CQ Communications Inc. Magazines & Media Kits

CQ Amateur Radio

Since 1945, CQ magazine has been informing, educating and entertaining the world's most active ham radio operators!


CQ VHF is a quarterly magazine dedicated to "Ham Radio Above 50 MHz".

Popular Communications

Popular Communications is the world's #1 magazine for shortwave listeners, scanner monitors, hams, CBers and anyone else interested in the radio hobby.