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Robert Kennedy Publishing

Formerly the Canusa Publishing Group, Robert Kennedy Publishing (RKP) currently publishes six highly successful magazines with worldwide circulation. MuscleMag International is still going strong, alongside Oxygen, American Curves, Maximum Fitness, Reps! and most recently, Clean Eating.

In 1974, Robert Kennedy started his first magazine, MuscleMag International, at his kitchen table with his friend Johnny Fitness. Fast-forward 38 years and with the continued success of that magazine, joined with Robert's perseverance, the dream has now evolved into a publishing house with a strong focus on health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle titles.

Every day our magazines reach out and inspire loyal audiences on bodybuilding, health, fitness, and nutrition issues. Filled with expert advice & insight, our engaging content is addictive for readers wanting more than just fluffy words and pictures. We engage the exact audience that you, as an advertiser, need to reach with your message.

Source: Robert Kennedy Publishing website.

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Robert Kennedy Publishing Magazines & Media Kits

MuscleMag International

MuscleMag is North America's leading Bodybuilding magazine.


Oxygen Magazine Robert Kennedy's Women's Fitness - Start living your Oxygen life today!


Reps! magazine taking your fitness to the max.