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Lauren Publications Inc.

Lauren Publications is a local consumer-magazine publisher reaching over 250,000 parents in North Texas. Our award winning, locally owned and locally driven parenting publications include Fort Worth Child, North Texas Child, Dallas Child and Thrive magazines.

Lauren Publications magazines are locally owned and operated. Our editors understand the pulse of the reader, responding to the needs of each community locally. Lauren Publications titles offer a well-informed, local and relevant perspective on issues affecting families and serve as both a strong voice in the community and a staunch advocate for children.

With a combined distribution of 133,000 magazines in the North Texas area (70,000 in Dallas, 45,000 in Fort Worth and 18,000 in NorthTexas), the magazines are delivered to parents who want to be in the know.

Source: Lauren Publications Inc. website.

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Lauren Publications Inc. Magazines & Media Kits

Parenting Magazines & Media Kits

Dallas Child

The leading parenting magazines in the North Texas area that parents have trusted for more than 22 years.

Fort Worth Child

The magazine parents live by in Tarrant County.

North Texas Child

The magazine for parents in Denton County.


Thrive is a free quarterly publication that serves as a resource for families living with learning differences and special needs.