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Chansen Publishing Inc.

Chansen Publishing Inc.

Chansen Publishing is one of the Texas largest diversified media companies. A private, family-owned company, Chansen Publishing's diverse holdings span throughout the State.

The major thrust of Chansen Publishing continues to be magazine publishing, but our diversity has led to other endeavors that include specialized publications, commercial printing and other multimedia services. Chansen Publishing continues to grow and seek diversity in products that further our objective of becoming the pre-eminent source of lifestyle content, advertising options, online marketing and related services.

Chansen Publishing is fully engaged in meeting the needs of local businesses by maintaining and growing circulation in a competitive media climate. Upon this foundation, Chansen Publishing will continue to build marketing solutions that are unique, effective and competitive for each and every client we serve.

Source: Chansen Publishing Inc. website.

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Chansen Publishing Inc. Magazines & Media Kits


Texas' largest in-home lifestyle magazine.