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2 LLC LLC LLC publishes, Forbes magazine - is the most trusted, recognized and influential brand of business journalism in the world; and ForbesLife magazine - the insider's guide to the limited-edition lifestyle.

Our mission at Forbes has been clear and unchanging: to provide insights and information that ensure the success of those who tap into Forbes.

Since 1917, Forbes has stood, unwavering, for one overriding principle: the unshakable belief in the power of free enterprise. Forbes delivers information in ways that suit our audience’s needs—at any given time of day, week or year—through our portfolio of Forbes brand properties.

No other business media brand has the depth and breadth of platforms we offer, or the power to combine them so effectively for your brand.

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Since 1917, Forbes' mission has been to provide access to information and insights that ensure its readers' success.


ForbesLife inspires executives and entrepreneurs--those with the most access and the least time--to maximize the rewards of their success.