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Challenge Publications Inc.

Challenge Publications Inc.

Challenge Publications has been producing magazines and media since 1963. At Challenge Publications we entertain and inform our readers around the world with stories from the sea washed decks of warships and the cockpits of WWII warbirds.

Our readers have diverse interests and are very attuned to mail order and internet purchasing. They are educated, well-placed financially, and responsive to new products.

Let Challenge help you reach your target audience. We offer a wide variety of advertising options sure to fit your needs.

Source: Challenge Publications Inc. website.

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Challenge Publications Inc. Magazines & Media Kits

Air Classics

No other magazine around brings you the drama and adventure of aviation like Air Classics.


P-51 Mustang aircrafts are covered in Mustangs magazine.

Sea Classics

Read about the world’s major sea battles and first-hand accounts from the men who fought and lived through them.

Warbirds International

Warbirds International is the only magazine devoted to airworthy vintage and veteran military aircraft.