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I-5 Publishing

I-5 Publishing

America’s leading producer of pet and animal magazines. Our roster of more than 50 publications is distributed internationally to millions of pet-loving consumers just like you, as well as pet store retailers, veterinarians, and breeders.

I-5 Publishing is the leading provider of multi-platform content for special interest communities and brands. I-5 is part of the only truly full-service publishing services organization – offering brands a complete solution from generation of content to preparation for all platforms to distribution to mass market and specialty retailers and into consumers’ homes.

We strive to inspire, inform and entertain through a distinctive variety of award-winning magazines, books, digital publications, and interactive media. A pioneer in specialty publishing and media, our goal is to continue the tradition of providing high quality content to a community of passionate enthusiasts.

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I-5 Publishing Magazines & Media Kits

Cigar & Spirits

Cigar & Spirits Magazine is a lifestyle publication tailored to the lover of a great cigar and a great drink, shared with good people.

Rat Rod

Rat Rod magazine is the nation’s only publication celebrating rat rods and the rat rodding culture and lifestyle.

Birds Magazines & Media Kits

Birds USA

Birds USA is an annual publication filled with information for owners of all ages and experience.


Birding at its Best!

Cats Magazines & Media Kits

Cat Fancy

World's Most Widely Read Cat Magazine

Cats USA

Cats USA is an annual magazine devoted to all cat enthusiasts from experienced breeders to new cat owners.

Kittens USA

Kittens USA is chock-full of basic care information for those who are adopting a mixed-breed kitten.

Natural Cat

Caring for Your Whole Cat

Dogs Magazines & Media Kits

Dog Fancy

The World's Most Widely Read Dog Magazine

Dog World

Dog World is the essential resource for novice to advanced purebred dog enthusiasts.

Dogs in Review

The magazine that matters for the sport of purebred dogs around the world.

Dogs USA

Dogs USA has helped new dog owners choose the perfect purebred puppy for their lifestyles for more than 20 years.

Natural Dog

The Natural Dog® annual is a fun, informative guide that helps owners give their dogs healthier, greener lifestyles.

Puppies USA

Puppies USA offers essential information for all new dog owners.

Fish Magazines & Media Kits

Aquarium Fish International

The world’s most widely read aquarium magazine

Aquarium USA

Aquarium USA aims to help beginning to intermediate fishkeepers get started on the right foot.

Marine Fish & Reef USA

Marine Fish and Reef USA, a magazine for marine tank enthusiasts and reefkeepers.

Ponds USA and Water Gardens

Ponds USA & Water Gardens is a how-to beginner's guide to building ponds.

Horses Magazines & Media Kits

Horse Illustrated

The Magazine for Hands-On Owners & Riders. “Everything for You & Your Horse”.

Horses USA

Horses USA is the complete guide to buying and caring for a horse.

Young Rider

The Magazine for Kids who Love Horses & Ponies

Your New Horse

Your New Horse is an informative, easy-to-understand buyer’s guide and owner’s manual for the first-time or new horse owner.

Reptiles Magazines & Media Kits


The World’s Leading Reptile Magazine, published monthly.

Reptiles USA

Reptiles USA is the definitive annual guide to buying and caring for reptiles and amphibians.

Small Animals Magazines & Media Kits

Critters USA

Critters USA is an indispensable resource for first-time small pets owners

Ferrets USA

Ferrets USA is an indispensable resource for first-time ferrets owners.

Rabbits USA

Rabbits USA is an indispensable resource for first-time rabbit owners