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American Media Inc.

American Media Inc.

American Media Inc owns and operates the leading celebrity and health & fitness media brands in the country. American Media Inc is among the top ten consumer publishers in the U.S.

American Media Inc magazines reach more than 54 million men and women. AMI digital properties reach over 10 million unique visitors monthly.

American Media Inc pioneered both the celebrity and health & fitness categories. Today, AMI's celebrity titles have the #1 market share in total newsstand circulation in the celebrity category and are the fastest growing brands online. Our health and fitness titles command the #1 market share of national magazine ad pages in their competitive set.

Source: American Media Inc. website.

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American Media Inc. Magazines & Media Kits

Celebrity & Entertainment News Magazines & Media Kits

Country Weekly

America's #1 country music entertainment magazine.


The Globe delivers a sensationalized mix of scandal, sex, crime and hard-hitting celebrity stories that goes beyond what the National Enquirer and other titles offer.

National Enquirer

No other publication breaks as many big celebrity stories as the National Enquirer.


OK! packs sizzling exclusives, the best original photographs, and the hottest ďA-ListĒ stars in each issue.

Soap Opera Digest

The leading magazine reporting on the soap industry for 35 years.


All Gossip. Ever Fascinating.

Women's Active Lifestyle Magazines & Media Kits

Muscle & Fitness Hers

Written for active women who want more out of fitness and life.

Natural Health

The holistic guide to personal wellness soon to celebrate its 40th year as the healthy-living authority.


SHAPE magazine offers the latest health, fitness, beauty and fashion news.

Young Men Magazines & Media Kits


FLEX Magazine is your source for the latest Bodybuilding news.

Menís Fitness

The leader in reaching young, active, confident guys who live life to the fullest.

Muscle & Fitness

Muscle & Fitness is the No.1 magazine for serious fitness enthusiasts.


Playboy is a lifestyle, an aspiration, and an inspiration for discerning gentleman and regular guys alike.