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Gannett is an international media and marketing solutions company providing millions of people with the information they want; and connecting them to their communities of interest through multiple platforms including Internet, mobile, newspapers, magazines and TV.

As an innovative industry leader, Gannett engages consumers wherever they are with its powerful brands and trusted content. The company helps businesses grow by providing marketing solutions that reach and engage their customers across its diverse platforms.

Gannett is a digital leader with more than 100 U.S. newspaper and TV station web sites. The company's 81 U.S. community publishing information centers reach deep into local communities through newspapers, web sites, mobile content and niche publications.

Source: Gannett website.

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Gannett Magazines & Media Kits


Local Advertising solutions that work. Stop hiding from your customers!


USA WEEKEND, the magazine that makes a difference.


Networking, careers and style content for 25-to-34-year-old professionals in Des Moines.

Nashville Lifestyles

The Magazine of Music City. Nashville's best resource for everything from the newest restaurants and events to the top doctors and the best of the city.

Talk Greenville

TALK Greenville is the premier lifestyle magazine of Upstate South Carolina.