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Wolfe Publishing Company

Wolfe Publishing Company

Publisher of Rifle, Handloader, and Successful Hunter magazines.

In 1966 Handloader magazine was born. This semi-technical journal on reloading broke new ground and helped kick off the reloading hobby. Handloader is still the only magazine in the world dedicated to the sport of reloading.

Rifle magazine was born in 1969. At the time it was the only magazine solely dedicated to sporting rifles. Today Rifle continues that success with in-depth coverage of the latest rifles and the cartridges they shoot including internal and external ballistics.

In 2003 we started our third publication, Successful Hunter. We needed a magazine to help round out the other two. This helped complete the trilogy from the reloading bench, to the rifle range, to the field. Successful Hunter is dedicated to the adventure of the hunt. It covers big game, small game, varmint, upland birds and waterfowling.

Source: Wolfe Publishing Company website.

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Wolfe Publishing Company Magazines & Media Kits


For over 44 years Handloader has been the only journal in the world devoted to the art of reloading.


For over 41 years Rifle has been the best rifle enthusiastís magazine on the market!

Succesful Hunter

Succesful Hunter, a magazine for novice and experienced hunters.