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Trends USA Inc.

Trends USA Inc.

Trends USA Inc. is a consumer-magazine publishing and media company that produces and operates Trends magazines in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, China, UAE, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Trends has been synonymous with providing ideas and information to the housing market for over 30 years. Our multimedia platform is unique and innovative in terms of our audience being able to search, save and share products and services in the home and commercial design space.

Trends Home Series publications present advertorial and editorial stories in highly readable, visual formats with an emphasis on factual information and ideas. The Trends Home Series covers residential architecture and design, including new and renovated homes, interior design, kitchens, bathrooms and landscaping.

Source: Trends USA Inc. website.

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Trends USA Inc. Magazines & Media Kits

Bathroom Trends

Bathroom Trends covers all aspects of bathrooms both new and remodeled.

Home & Architectural Trends

Home & Architectural Trends highlights great residential architecture and inspiring examples of what homeowners have achieved with their new home projects.

Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends is a dedicated kitchen resource providing inspirational design ideas, products, services and information to homeowners/consumers and designers.