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TomL Publishing LLC

TomL Publishing is a regional consumer-magazine publishing and media company reaching seniors in Ocala and surronding areas. TomL Publishing produces and operates Seniors Voice, Ocala DownTown, The Village Spectator and Lady Lake magazines.

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TomL Publishing LLC Magazines & Media Kits

Lady Lake

Lady Lake Magazine is audited by Circulation Verification Council and has been serving the needs of area Seniors for 23 years.

Seniors Voice

Seniors Voice is a specialty publication written by local volunteer seniors which features articles of interest to active Seniors in the greater Ocala area.

Village Spectator, The

For seniors in The Villages, the Village Spectator is the source for independent news and views about the community.

Ocala DownTown

Ocala DownTown is a free publication serviing the people of the Ocala area.