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Sovereign/Homestead is an American consumer-magazine publisher that produces and operates several niche markets publications. Sovereign Media and Homestead Cnmmunications are privately owned affiliated companies. Sovereign/Homestead were founded in 1992.

Sovereign/Homestead identifies consumer niche markets with avid enthusiasts, and creates high quality content to serve those consumers. Sovereign/Homestead's properties include magazines, websites, trade shows and digital media covering areas of Log Home Building and decorating, popular culture Including Japanese Anime & Manga and SCI Fl, and popular history.

Sovereign/Homestead has also established a high quality subscription and product fulfillment business for its own products and for dozens of other important media companies.

Source: Sovereign/Homestead website.

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Sovereign/Homestead Magazines & Media Kits

Log Cabin Homes

Log Cabin Homes magazine, the Baby Boomers' Green Guide to making log mome dreams come true, will guide consumers on these important topics and will showcase beautiful big and little log cabin homes.

Military Heritage

Military Heritage is an upscale, high-quality military history magazine, beautifull printed in full color on luxurious paper with lavish illustrations.


Otaku USA is the only independent magazine available on newsstands and to subscribers, offering an American take on the world of Anime, Manga, Cosplay and J-Pop.


SCI FI Magazine is the big, brash, oversized full-color magazine on everything SCI FI, with the inside edge to the latest from the SCI FI Channel.

WWII History

WWII History Magazine is the foremost authority on the greatest war in history.