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Shooting Star Media Inc.

Shooting Star Media Inc.

Shooting Star Media is an American consumer-magazine publishing and media company focused on the world of athletics. Shooting Star Media publications cover track & field, cross country running, road racing, marathon running and race walking.

Shooting Star Media publishes seven magazines, six websites, several catalogs and over a dozen special meet publications or programs per year.

Our ability and knowledge on how to best utilize the print, electronic, web and direct marketing platforms in this business will not only make your advertising more efficient, but save you money in the process. Our readers want your information and are looking for products to make them better at their favorite sport. Our readers read our publications, newsletters and websites because our our credibility, which is something that comes the old fashion way in this sport-you earn it.

Source: Shooting Star Media Inc. website.

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Shooting Star Media Inc. Magazines & Media Kits

American Track & Field

Now in its 16th year, ATF is the largest coaching magazine in North America for any sport.

Athletes Only

Athletes Only is a must buy for clients who want to reach the active teenager (1419).

USATF's Fast Forward

The official magazine of USA Track & Field, the governing body of the sport.

California Track & Running News

California Track & Running News, the oldest running magazine in the Golden State.

Exchange Zone

US Track & Field - New England