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Sandow Media Corporation

Sandow Media Corporation

Sandow Media's flagship brands include the powerhouse beauty publication NewBeauty, Worth, the business and finance magazine for the ultra-affluent audience and LUXE, the nation's largest network of luxury shelter magazines. Sandow Media was established in 2002.

Sandow Media is a leader in building multichannel, vertically integrated luxury brands online and in print. The company's foundation is built on creating indispensable resources and building influential consumer publications and online properties.

Sandow Media Corporation is a cutting-edge publishing company built around a single philosophy: Always exceed expectations. Sandow Media is defined by an unrelenting drive to lead the industry, focus on quality and innovate. Our award-winning national editors, groundbreaking creative team, strategic marketers and seasoned account executives interact regularly to form an invaluable team of passionate experts.

Source: Sandow Media Corporation website.

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Sandow Media Corporation Magazines & Media Kits

Interior Design

Interior Design magazine is the definitive resource for interior design professionals.

Watch Journal

Watch Journal is the first luxury magazine built around watches.


Worth addresses the relevant financial, legal and lifestyle issues unique to high net worth individuals.

Luxe Interiors & Design Magazines & Media Kits


Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine™ is the uncompromised source for those with a passion for creating beautiful surroundings and living well.

NewBeauty Magazines & Media Kits


Advanced Beauty Products, Facts About Plastic Surgery