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Rosebud Entertainment LLC

Rosebud Entertainment LLC is the publisher of Baltimore magazine - America's oldest city magazine. We also publish Baltimore Bride magazine.

Baltimore magazine is published by Stephen A. Geppi. Born in the “Little Italy” section of Baltimore, Maryland, Geppi turned his childhood love of comics into the world’s largest distributor of English language comic books.

Baltimore magazine is America's oldest city magazine, celebrating Baltimore since 1907. Whether Baltimoreans want to know which crabhouse has the best hardshells or whether they want to read award-winning feature stories about prominent people, arts and culture, and sports, they know that Baltimore magazine offers the best coverage of the city.

Source: Rosebud Entertainment LLC website.

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Rosebud Entertainment LLC Magazines & Media Kits


Baltimore magazine is an award-winning lifestyle publication that provides information that enriches the experience of living in or visiting Baltimore.

Baltimore Bride

The Premier Wedding Resource for the Baltimore Bride & Groom!