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SagaCity Media Inc

SagaCity Media Inc

SagaCity Media Inc is a multimedia company with magazines constituting its core business. SagaCity Media produces and operates Lifestyle and Bridal magazines in Utah, Colorado, Oregon and Washington states.

In addition to our publications, we maintain a thriving custom media and Web business. Our goal as a local media company is to create community by providing an authoritative voice and a public forum for the metropolitan areas of Seattle and Portland as well as special interest groups throughout the Northwest, from tourism to bridal and from design to golf.

We are also dedicated to effecting positive change within our markets through our fundraising efforts and in-kind donations for the nonprofit community.

Source: SagaCity Media Inc website.

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SagaCity Media Inc Magazines & Media Kits

Aspen Sojourner

Aspen Sojourner has celebrated the unique spirit of Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley for the last ten years.

Colorado Summit

Colorado Summit Magazine is Summit County's Premier Lifestyle and Living Magazine.

Park City

Park City Magazine is the only high-end magazine celebrating Utah's Wasatch Back since 1977.

Portland Bride & Groom

Portland Monthly’s Bride & Groom is a consumer-focused, bridal fashion magazine.

Portland Monthly

Smart. Authoritative. Entertaining. Portland Monthly is our city’s indispensable news, culture, and lifestyle magazine.

Rocky Mountain Golf

The award-winning Rocky Mountain Golf Magazine celebrates the affluent lifestyle of the one of the most popular sports in the world in one of the country's most desirable regions - the Rockies.

Seattle Met

Seattle Met is our city’s indispensable news, culture, and lifestyle magazine.

Seattle Metropolitan Bride & Groom

Seattle Metropolitan Bride & Groom serves as the essential resource for contemporary Northwest weddings.

Vail-Beaver Creek

Vail-Beaver Creek Magazine is an award-winning publication celebrating the lifestyle of the Vail Valley.