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Ridge Publications

Publisher of award-winning and growing ASPEN Magazine brand.

ASPEN Magazine was founded in 1974, and is Aspen's original premiere magazine. In 1987, Janet O'Grady and Randy Beier saw that it had a loyal readership with tremendous business potential and bought the publication. The couple founded Ridge Publications and completely reinvented ASPEN Magazine, re-launching it as a locally based, luxury lifestyle magazine with a global reach. Beier died of cancer in 2001; O'Grady became President of Ridge Publications in 2002 and continues her role as Editor in Chief of the award-winning and growing ASPEN Magazine brand.

Source: Ridge Publications website.

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Ridge Publications Magazines & Media Kits


The leading authority on Aspen and The Good Life, ASPEN Magazine is an inspired representation of the matchless lifestyle for which Aspen is known and loved.