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FMG Publications

FMG Publications

FMG Publications provides the connection to virtually every segment of the shooting sports market.

Shooting enthusiasts and marketers alike, look to FMG Publications as the source for industry news and product information.

FMG Publications include: GUNS Magazine, the first firearms magazine introduced on the newsstand in 1955; Shooting Industry, the first firearms trade magazine introduced in 1955; American Handgunner, the first magazine devoted 100% to handguns introduced in 1976; and American COP, written by cops, for cops first published in 2005.

FMG Publications is a subsidiary of Publishers Development Corporation.

Source: FMG Publications website.

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FMG Publications Magazines & Media Kits

American Handgunner

In 1976 American Handgunner became the first magazine devoted 100% to handguns and handgun shooting sports.


GUNS Magazine has influenced the buying decisions of avid shooting sportsmen since its inception as the first national monthly newsstand firearms publication in 1955.