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School Family Media Inc.

School Family Media Inc.

School Family Media, Inc. is a marketing and media services company focused exclusively on helping parents and schools help children succeed by promoting and enabling practical and meaningful parent involvement at school.

Through our core properties and programs - PTO Today,, Back2School, School Family Nights and Parent Education Nights - we empower parents to connect effectively with their children's education and school community, and we provide school PTOs and PTAs with the tools, resources and know-how they need to welcome, engage and serve all the parents at their school.

By tapping into our proprietary school connection, we're able to partner with leading consumer brands to deliver family-focused, school-sponsored programs that are promoted and executed by PTO and PTA groups at K-8 schools nationwide.

Source: School Family Media Inc. website.

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School Family Media Inc. Magazines & Media Kits

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A year-round resource that helps parents help their children succeed in school.

PTO Today

Founded June 1, 1999, PTO Today quickly established itself at the center of the school parent group world (PTOs and PTAs) as both a valuable resource and a trusted voice for the entire parent group market.