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Premier Media Group

Premier Media Group

Premier Media Group is an American life-style consumer-magazine publisher. Premier Media Group publications include 425 Magazine and South Sound Magazine.

PMG is more than a publishing company. We are strategic marketers committed to helping you build and maintain new and existing relationships with your customers. Our magazines are the highest quality, offering contemporary design and valuable content.

PMG offers specialized advertising solutions and services to maximize our clients' market presence. PMG management and partners have a well-established success pattern and proven track record. We work in partnership with our customers to develop strategies that meet their needs, emphasizing exceptional quality and service. We create and innovate advertising solutions on a large scale.

Source: Premier Media Group website.

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Premier Media Group Magazines & Media Kits


425 Magazine is the high-quality local lifestyle magazine just for our community.

South Sound

This high-quality lifestyle magazine is the only one on the newsstand written exclusively for South Sound homeowners.