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PVA Publications

PVA Publications

Paralyzed Veterans of America, an organization dedicated to veterans service, medical research and civil rights for people with disabilities. Paralyzed Veterans of America publications include PN News Magazine and SPORTS 'N SPOKES Magazine.

For more than 65 years, Paralyzed Veterans of America is working to maximize the quality of life for its members and all people with SCI/D as a leading advocate for health care, SCI/D research and education, veterans’ benefits and rights, accessibility and the removal of architectural barriers, sports programs, and disability rights.

Source: PVA Publications website.

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PVA Publications Magazines & Media Kits

PN News

PN is in its 65th year. We are dedicated to the presentation of better wheelchair living.


SPORTS 'N SPOKES is the primer magazine for wheelchair sport enthusiasts and recreation.