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As the Proud Publisher of the Black EOE Journal, the Hispanic Network Magazine, the Multicultural Professional WOMAN's Magazine, and U.S. Veterans Magazine DiversityComm has committed itself in providing success-oriented individuals with Print & Online resources that have more than 2,500,000 readers.

DiversityComm has 20 years of trusted publishing experience. Our Diversity quartet of publications gives you the best exposure and visibility while providing our viewers with the most current business information, essential career tools and empowering content, the epicenter that connects minorities with academic, and business and employer opportunities.

DiversityComm's successful advertorial and editorials enable you to gain visibility and exposure not only to your Diversity Initiatives, but as well, can help to create key business connections.

Source: DiversityComm website.

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DiversityComm Magazines & Media Kits

Black EOE Journal

The Black Equal Opportunity Employment Journal is America's leading African-American Business and Career magazine.

Hispanic Network

For over a decade, The Hispanic Network Magazine has reported vital news influencing the Hispanic community and shared pertinent principles to empower each individual in achieving both business and employment/career success.

Professional Woman's

PWM covers news information ranging from professional concerns to civic affairs, trends, diversity careers and business. Every issue includes education, finance, health, technology, travel, the arts, life style and family issues that impact the professional woman.

US Veterans

USVM provides the latest, most important veteran news, covering virtually every industry. Helping veterans to find work & business opportunities.