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Multi-Media International LLC

Multi-Media International LLC

Multi-Media International creates world-class, relevant and affordable publications. MMI portfolio includes print magazines in the puzzle, hair and music industries. We also produce specials and commemorative publications and publications in children's the teen's markets.

Founded in September 2000, Multi-Media International LLC (MMI), has become one of the fastest-growing and most successful publishing companies in North America. The success of MMI and its growth rate in the last nine years is an accomplishment that is rare in the publishing industry.

Multi-Media International has offices in New York, New Jersey and Kansas and distributes its publications in all 50 states and internationally.

Source: Multi-Media International LLC website.

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Multi-Media International LLC Magazines & Media Kits

Children Magazines & Media Kits

Ghostmasters Presents Yu-Gi-Oh

Ghostmasters presents Yu-Gi-Oh is a children’s entertainment magazine for children ages 4 to 15 years.

Hair Style Magazines & Media Kits

101 Hairstyles

101 Hairstyles features the latest celebrity hairstyles and interviews, easy hair how-to's, experts’ advice, a Clip & Carry Hair Gallery, the hottest trends, before and afters, a salon directory and much, much more!

Hair Gallery

The Hair Gallery features the sexiest new hairstyles


The sexiest short cuts, colors and styles for your hair!

Puzzles Magazines & Media Kits


For solvers who love the best of puzzles.