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Family Media Group

Family Media Group

Since 1958, we have offered the most effective vehicles for reaching the military consumer.

Since 1958, FamilyMedia has been publishing magazines and creating promotional vehicles for the military market. In addition to Family Magazine and Salute Magazine, we also produce and distribute some of the market's biggest and most exciting promotions.

FamilyMedia can deliver your message to the military market effectively and efficiently. We have the most successful, proven coupon and advertising vehicles in the market place and are the leaders in designing and implementing custom promotional programs. As a full service marketing company, FamilyMedia can help you succeed in the military market.

Source: Family Media Group website.

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Family Media Group Magazines & Media Kits


Since 1958 Family Magazine has been providing information and coupons for U.S. Military families throughout the world.


Salute magazine is the magazine for America's Military.