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Firebrand Media

Firebrand Media LLC is a privately held, full-service media company specializing in niche media. Firebrand Media publishes lifestyle and in-room magazines for residents and visitors in California.

Firebrand Media creative factory consists of a dedicated, hands-on team of innovative professionals specializing in publishing, digital, sales, marketing and design.

Firebrand creates publications, websites, custom content and marketing solutions that build communities for readers and a direct, more personal link to customers for leading brands.

Our core strengths include: the ability to thin slice a market and create valuable interactive content, capture these markets, and create an environment for advertisers to thrive.

Source: Firebrand Media website.

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Firebrand Media Magazines & Media Kits

Laguna Beach

The magazine for people who live, travel and play in Laguna Beach

Newport Beach

The magazine for people who live, stay, and play in Newport Beach


Bespoke Magazine is the premium lifestyle publication dedicated to the visitors and local aficionados of the St. Regis hotels and resorts.


Official magazine of Montage Hotels and Resorts.