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McMurry is a world-leading content marketing company specializing in custom publishing for insurance, healthcare, financial services and luxury industries. Our customers includes 150 of the Fortune 500 companies.

McMurry is a pioneer in content marketing dating back a quarter century. We leverage the power of world-class content - in the form of the broad categories of video, websites, print and mobile - to keep our clients' brands top of mind with their customers.

McMurry is viewed as a driver of innovation in the rapidly evolving, quickly growing space of brands becoming the media. We've received more awards for all aspects of our work than any other content marketing firm in North America - more than 1,400 to date, and more than double that of our nearest competitor.

Source: McMurry website.

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McMurry Magazines & Media Kits

CBS Watch!

CBS Television's Watch! Magazine treats you to revealing interviews, fashion shoots, travel destinations and encounters with your favorite stars.


Arrive is Amtrak's onboard magazine for Northeast business and leisure travelers.

ME, Massage Envy

Massage Envyís custom publication, ME, is all about a healthy indulgence that will make you feel good.

Ritz-Carlton, The

There's a new definition of luxury.

Vim & Vigor

Vim & Vigor is Community Healthcare System's family health magazine containing helpful information on your health.

Weddings by The Ritz-Carlton

Producing some of the world's most luxurious wedding celebrations represent a large percentage of Ritz-Carlton revenues.

Financial & Insurance Magazines & Media Kits

PNCís Insights for Women in Business

PNCíS Insights for Women in Business is an award-winning inspirational resource for women business owners and female executives.

HOSPITAL Magazines & Media Kits

A Healthier You

Fresh, practical advice for healthful living.

Best in Care

Best in Care is a quarterly, 16-page custom magazine created for Florida Hospital and published by McMurry for the hospital's seven locations.

Health Insights

Health Insights Magazine is published by the Marketing and Public Relations Department of Southampton Hospital 3 times a year.


Saint Vincent Health Center publication