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Manhattan Media LLC

Manhattan Media LLC

Manhattan Media is dedicated to New York’s neighborhoods. Manhattan Media publications provide information about those matters that are of immediate concern and interest to people who live blocks, not worlds, apart.

Manhattan Media provides businesses and institutions direct access to the individuals whom they serve, real customers and clients within arm's reach, in the neighborhood. We publish Our Town, New York Press, City Hall, The Capitol, The West Side Spirit, Chelsea Clinton News and The Westsider - our newspapers that provide vital content relevant to these neighborhoods.

Through our distinctive AVENUE magazine, Manhattan Media reaches Manhattan's most affluent society. Through New York Family and New York Family Brooklyn we reach parents throughout the city.

Source: Manhattan Media LLC website.

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Manhattan Media LLC Magazines & Media Kits


Founded in 1976, AVENUE is a must-read among the city’s most discerning, stylish and savvy audiences.

New York Family

New York Family is a monthly family lifestyle magazine focused on the interests, needs, and concerns of New York City parents.

Our Town

Founded more than three decades ago, Our Town serves the East Side of Manhattan from Turtle Bay to Carnegie Hill—some of the most affluent neighborhoods in the country.