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Madavor Media LLC

Madavor Media LLC

Madavor Media LLC is a rapidly growing American consumer-magazine publishing company serving Music, Sports and Collectibles enthusiasts markets. Madavor Media publications include Foam, JazzTimes, International Figure Skating, Volleyball, Northeast Golf, Doll Reader, Fairways & Greens, Teddy Bear and Friends.

Madavor Media develops, publishes, and markets content for enthusiasts: individuals who are passionate about their interests. Our publications are leaders in their respective markets. Madavor Media also produce the IDEX and Tiny Treasures trade shows.

Madavor's products offer unique ways to communicate with focused, enthusiastic consumers who are eager to learn more about products and events that support their interests. Madavor Media is a member of Zilpin Group, LLC.

Source: Madavor Media LLC website.

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Madavor Media LLC Magazines & Media Kits


North America's premier magazine about wild birds and birding.

Writer, The

The Writer is the nationís oldest and most respected publication for fiction and nonfiction writers.

Collectibles Magazines & Media Kits

Doll Reader

The entire doll collecting world between two covers: artists, antiques, modern manufacturers, how-to, & much more!

Teddy Bear and Friends

Teddy Bear & Friends is a trustworthy, informative, visually exciting resource edited for the community of teddy bear collectors and makers.

Music Magazines & Media Kits


JazzTimes is Americaís preeminent jazz magazine providing irreverent, uncompromising and often provocative coverage of the American jazz scene.

Sports Magazines & Media Kits

Fairways & Greens

Fairways + Greens magazine, published by Madavor Media LLC, a market-leading enthusiast publishing and media company, is America's only 100% golf travel and lifestyle magazine.


The nation's premier female publication dedicated to celebrating beach/surf culture and its positive influence on fashion, art, music and action sports.

International Figure Skating

International Figure Skating is the leading authority in the sport of figure skating worldwide.


#1 Volleyball Magazine For Over 30 Years!


NJSGA GOLF is a magazine that´s devoted to golf in the Garden State!