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Luby Publishing Inc.

Luby Publishing Inc.

Luby Publishing Inc. publishes the oldest sports monthly magazine in America Bowlers Journal International. Luby Publishing is also the home for many other Trade and Consumer bowling and billiard publications.

Bowling and billiards are two of the largest participant sports in the world. Luby Publishing is your gateway to reaching these markets.

It is the goal of Luby Publishing to publish the No. 1 magazine in every segment of the bowling and billiard industries. At the same time, it is our goal to inspire growth and activity within an industry, as well as to provide a quality environment for our readers and advertisers.

Source: Luby Publishing Inc. website.

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Luby Publishing Inc. Magazines & Media Kits

Billiards Digest

Billiards Digest is the oldest magazine serving the billiard industry. The magazine caters to pool players of every level, and is packed with tournament and product information.

Bowlers Journal International

Bowlers Journal International is the oldest monthly sports magazine in America.

US Bowler

With 2,000,000 readers, US Bowler is one of the most widely distributed sports magazines in the world.