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LifeWay Christian Resources

LifeWay Christian Resources

Biblical Solutions for Life. LifeWay Christian Resources has been one of the most trusted sources of Christian resources since 1891. LifeWay Christian Resources publishes more than 10 high quality Christian publications.

LifeWay Christian Resources exists to assist churches and believers to evangelize the world to Christ, develop believers, and grow churches by being the best provider of relevant, high quality, high value Christian products and services.

Established in Nashville, Tenn., in 1891, LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention is one of the world’s largest providers of Christian products and services, including Bibles, church literature, books, music, audio and video recordings, church supplies and Internet services through

Source: LifeWay Christian Resources website.

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LifeWay Christian Resources Magazines & Media Kits

Biblical Illustrator

Exploring Bible lands, people, and customs


Collegiate provides a refreshing combination of Bible study and feature articles centered on biblical truth and issues relevant to college students.


Deacon is a magazine that enables deacons to learn more about their ministry role in your church and community.


ec magazine encourages and equips students to live lives that honor God and change the world by providing daily devotions and insight on relevant issues.


A fresh take on faith and family. A publication of LifeWay Christian Resources.

La Familia Cristiana de Hoy

La Familia Cristiana de Hoy seeks to help families honor God where they live.

Let's Worship

Let's Worship is a must-have for the pastor, worship leader, and the entire ministry staff.

Living with Teenagers

Living with Teenagers offers plenty of help and hope for parents of teens from a Christian perspective.

Mature Living

Equipping mature adults for building a legacy of leadership, stewardship and discipleship.


ParentLife is a Christian magazine with the goal of encouraging and equipping parents of children 12 and under.


Infuse life into your Bible study!