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Leisure Publishing Company

Leisure Publishing Company

Leisure Publishing is an award-winning publisher of state, regional and local travel guides, city and regional magazines and quality-of-life publications. Leisure Publishing was founded in 1972.

Leisure is the official publisher of travel guides for local, regional and state-wide agencies and organizations including the Virginia Tourism Corporation, the state goverment tourism agency for Virginia.

Leisure Publishing won many awards for our publishing and travel guide work, including most notably the 2008 Mercury Award from the U.S. Travel Association. The national Mercury Award recognizes the Virginia Travel Guide as the premier visitor guidebook among all of the various 50 state guides.

Source: Leisure Publishing Company website.

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Leisure Publishing Company Magazines & Media Kits

Blue Ridge Country

Covering travel, history, food, festivals, outdoors and the environment in the mountains of nine southern states.

Mountain Homes - Southern Style

This richly printed title showcases the best of mountain living.

Roanoker, The

The Roanoker magazine is the premier city magazine for the Roanoke Valley.