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InterMedia Outdoors

InterMedia Outdoors

InterMedia Outdoors is the leading outdoor sports-oriented media group in North America. InterMedia Outdoors publishes a number of magazines serving consumer enthusiasts in Fishing, Hunting, and Shooting sports markets.

InterMedia Outdoors serves the interests of 80 million devoted sportsmen whenever and wherever they choose to indulge in their passions. InterMedia Outdoors surrounds the American sportsman with expertise and authority across the entire spectrum of specialized outdoors sports.

InterMedia Outdoors is 15 hunting, fishing and shooting magazines, the market’s leading online/digital network, 200+ episodes of television programming, 1 syndicated radio show, popular consumer events, an award-winning television production company and one television network — Sportsman Channel.

Source: InterMedia Outdoors website.

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InterMedia Outdoors Magazines & Media Kits

Fishing Magazines & Media Kits

Fly Fisherman

The Leading Magazine of Fly Fishing

In Fisherman

In-Fisherman magazine is the flagship of the In-Fisherman communications network, and is recognized throughout the industry as the world’s finest multispecies freshwater fishing magazine.

Florida Sportsman

Florida Sportsman Magazine is a monthly magazine dedicated to the millions of residents and visitors that fish in Florida every year.

Hunting Magazines & Media Kits


Bowhunter is dedicated to helping bowhunters get the most from their own hunting opportunities.

Game & Fish

Game & Fish serves the American Sportsman with trusted, relevant and useful local hunting and fishing information.

Gun Dog

For the man or woman who has made an upland or waterfowl dog an integral part of their life.

North American Whitetail

Advanced hunting strategies, in-depth how-to articles and cutting edge reporting on deer management for hunters and landowners.

Petersen's Bowhunting

The world's largest archery magazine.

Petersen's Hunting

Petersen's Hunting is devoted to the sport of recreational hunting.


Wildfowl magazine is North America’s premiere source of duck and goose hunting where-to-go and how-to-hunt information for die-hard waterfowlers.

Shooting Magazines & Media Kits

Guns & Ammo

Guns & Ammo is the preeminent, most-respected and widely read magazine in the firearms field, covering the complete spectrum of firearms, accessories and related products.


Handguns Magazine is dedicated to the all-around handgun enthusiast emphasizing the proper use and selection of handguns for defense and sport shooting.


Covering new guns, ammo and equipment, shooting skills, reloading and firearms history.

Shooting Times

Shooting Times is a magazine dedicated to shooters, hunters and reloaders covering all aspects of the shooting sports.

Shotgun News

SHOTGUN NEWS lists guns and accessories in more than 440 classifications.