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Health Monitor Network

Health Monitor Network

Each publication offers advertisers and brand-builders opportunities to reach a mass audience of over 40 million patients/caregivers in doctors' offices.

Our advertising programs include guaranteed, highly qualified condition sufferer leads for your database, relationship, compliance and persistency programs. And the results speak for themselves--our advertisers have achieved a $4 to $1 ROI, on average, advertising in our publications.

Distributed in 120,000 physician offices around the country, Health Monitor Network publications are designed to enhance dialogue between patients and their healthcare providers. Our magazines are recommended by health experts as educational materials that are accurate, authoritative, objective, comprehensive, timely and practical.

Source: Health Monitor Network website.

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Health Monitor Network Magazines & Media Kits

Health Monitor

Health and wellness magazine for patients and caregivers in doctors' offices.

Health Monitor at Home

A digest-sized health and wellness magazine delivered right to 1 million condition sufferers' homes.