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Harris Publishing Inc.

Harris Publishing is a full service publishing company. Harris Publishing produces several niche publications for boating, automotive and motorsport enthusiasts. Harris Publishing also publishes several lifestyle and special interest publications and five specialty events. Harris Publishing was founded in 1971.

Harris Publishing began with the launch of Potato Grower, SnoWest and Sugar Producer. Other publications in boating, trucks, golf, snowmobiling, lifestyle and industry publications were added through the years. Harris Publishing is well known and respected in these industries for its writing, photography and design.

In publishing these niche titles it was obvious there was a need for related events. Thus, Harris Publishing started the National Houseboat Expo, On the Water Expo, Intermountain Snowmobile Show, Idaho Snowmobile Show, and the Mountain West Golf Expo.

Source: Harris Publishing Inc. website.

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Harris Publishing Inc. Magazines & Media Kits

Boating Sportsman

For the boating hunter and fishing enthusiast!

Diesel Tech

Favorite magazine for the hands-on diesel performance enthusiast.

Dirt Toys

The Authority on Dirtpower Sports


Houseboat magazine serves as the most used and trusted resource for houseboaters to learn about the industry and enjoy stories and photographs that speak directly to this unique lifestyle.

Pontoon & Deck Boat

For those who live the pontoon and deck boat lifestyle.


SledHeads offers a refreshing take on snowmobiling, providing an entertaining medium that gives insights that are not found in other snowmobiling publications.


The world’s authority on how-to-ride, what-to-ride and where-to-ride in the West.

Idaho Falls

The magazine for eastern Idaho way of living