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Home Style Media LLC

Home Style Media LLC

Home Style Media LLC (HSM) is consumer-magazine publishing and media company serving affluent homeowners, real estate agents, builders and remodelers in Arizona and California. Home Style Media produces and operates Southbay Home Style and Phoenix Home Style magazines.

Every month, Home Style connects a select group of the most affluent homeowners, investors, luxury real estate agents, architects, builders, developers and certified home remodeling professionals who share the highest integrity and standard in quality leveraging an integrated direct mail, online and grass root marketing approach.

SM is owned and operated by two world class real estate industry and direct marketing professionals, who have a proven track record of generating results, not excuses. We work owner-to-owner with every client’s ad design, ad copy, offer and overall campaign. We use a proven, integrated, on and offline marketing strategy leveraging our direct mail publications, websites, email databases and networking events to provide all client’s with smart business results and a phenomenal return on their investment every month.

Source: Home Style Media LLC website.

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Home Style Media LLC Magazines & Media Kits

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