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Gemini Publications

Gemini Publications is a regional publishing company producing niche magazines in Michigan. Gemini Publications was established in 1979.

To our Grand Rapids, Michigan, community we are Grand Rapids Magazine, Grand Rapids Business Journal and Grand Rapids Family Magazine. We are also West Michigan Commercial Quarterly, Michigan Golf Magazine and more.

Our reputation for quality and accuracy is well known. Dozens of editorial and design awards further attest to this excellence as outside experts stamp their seals of approval. We're extremely proud of this heritage of excellence.

Gemini assembles the area's top writers, designers, marketers and support staff. Our people are a major factor in the company's performance, as it continues to thrive. Our publications are committed to presenting information to our readers that is interesting, accurate and timely.

Source: Gemini Publications website.

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Gemini Publications Magazines & Media Kits

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Magazine's content mirrors the lifestyle and interests of our active, affluent, adult audience; we reflect Grand Rapids' life with style.

Grand Rapids Family

Grand Rapids Family Magazine is the leading resource for West Michigan parents and families.

Michigan BLUE

Michigan BLUE is a quarterly magazine uniquely targeted to Michiganís waterfront homeowner and to those who embrace a living-on-water lifestyle.

Michigan GOLF

Michigan Golf serves one purpose: to promote golf in Michigan to those who love and play the game.

Grand Rapids Business Journal

The Grand Rapids Business Journal is West Michigan's primary source of local business news.