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Future US Inc.

Future US Inc.

Future US - Media with Passion. Future US is a leading publisher of special-interest magazines and digital media properties in Games, Hobbies and Crafts, Music, Technology and Men's and Women's Service markets.

With market-leading sites and titles, Future’s targeted properties reach a young, active, affluent and highly influential audience. Our mission is to publish reader-focused media. Our editors are both journalists and passionate enthusiasts for the markets they cover.

In the US, Future sells 1.4 million magazines each month; attracts 11 million unique visitors to our websites every month, according to Comscore; and we host annual live events that attract hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts. In addition, Future exports, syndicates or licenses its publications to 90 countries internationally.

Source: Future US Inc. website.

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Future US Inc. Magazines & Media Kits

UFC 360

The singular voice of the country’s fastest-growing sport and phenomenon.

Games Magazines & Media Kits

Nintendo Power

Nintendo Power is a pioneering title within the video gaming category and was first published in 1988.

Official Xbox

OXM is the most complete, entertaining, and dynamic information source for Xbox gamers.

PC Gamer

Well into its second decade, PC Gamer has become more than just the world’s best-selling PC games magazine – it’s now a premium brand that leads multiple markets with its powerful website, thrilling podcasts, and large-scale gaming events.


Published under license from Sony Computer Entertainment of America, PlayStation: The Official Magazine is the definitive news, previews and reviews publication for PlayStation enthusiasts and consumers.

Hobbies and Crafts Magazines & Media Kits

Crochet Today!

Looking for fresh and fashionable crochet patterns for fashion, home, and gifts? Crochet Today provides that - and more!

Your Knitting Life

Knitting Today! is now Your Knitting Life: New name, same great magazine!

Music Magazines & Media Kits

Guitar Aficionado

Guitar Aficionado is the first magazine for passionate people who enjoy the guitar in all of its timeless, functional beauty-people who, likewise, have an enthusiasm for the very best that life has to offer.

Guitar World

Guitar lessons, interviews, product reviews, videos, tabs and more.


Revolver is the No. 1 hard-rock and heavy-metal destination in the world.

Technology Magazines & Media Kits


Mac|Life is the ultimate resource for all things Apple and Mac.

Maximum PC

Maximum PC is the ultimate resource for power-hungry PC enthusiasts.


NVISION Magazine is a brand new, cutting edge magazine dedicated to all forms of visual entertainment and the hardware that brings it to life.

Women’s Service Magazines & Media Kits


Mom is a new quarterly publication that’s filled with practical information to support, validate and empower today’s moms.


As the leading maternity magazine, Pregnancy delivers the latest, most relevant information and is the most trusted birthing magazine on newsstands.