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18 Media Inc.

18 Media Inc.

Founded in 1993, 18 Media is the leading media company of the San Francisco Peninsula and Silicon Valley. The Gentry Family of Magazines provides readers, advertisers, and our partners with an incomparable experience with a higher standard of quality, honesty, and integrity.

With award-winning titles that appeal to well-educated, affluent adults, 18 Media’s exceptional magazines all guide lifestyle decisions for 30 to 64 year olds in the coveted San Francisco/Silicon Valley market.

Gentry Magazines blend style and elegance with sophistication and taste. Our publications celebrate goodness, style, and positive achievements. They are a place where advertisers find success. From multimillion-dollar homes to sparkling jewelry to travel destinations, the Gentry family of magazines offers unparalleled content to sophisticated readers.

Source: 18 Media Inc. website.

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18 Media Inc. Magazines & Media Kits


People, Home & Garden, Arts & Culture, Real Estate, Food & Wine, Jewelry.

Gentry Health

Medicine, Beauty, Fitness, Nutrition

Gentry Home

Interior Design, Kitchens & Bath, Gardens, Cooking & Wineries, Art, Elements

Gentry Wealth

People, Investing, Enjoying, Giving