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Affinity Group Inc.

Affinity Group Inc.

We are Americaís champion for the fun, freedom, and adventure of Recreation in Motion. Affinity Group, Inc. and its affiliated companies serve the safety, security, comfort, and convenience needs of the North American recreational vehicle market.

Affinity Group's goal is simple: AGI makes RV ownership and the RV lifestyle more enjoyable. With various companies, brands, products and services, AGI targets almost every aspect of this diverse and dynamic niche market. No wonder so many travelers depend on AGI on a daily basis.

Affinity Group Inc. also produces many outdoor recreation magazines. These magazines are predominantly targeted at powersports vehicle enthusiasts who own motorcycles, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, and all-terrain vehicles. The combined reach of all publications exceeds 6 million.

Source: Affinity Group Inc. website.

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Affinity Group Inc. Magazines & Media Kits

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