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Eastmans' Publishing Inc.

Eastmans' Publishing Inc.

Eastmans' Publishing, Inc. is a multimedia corporation whose roots are grounded in the ethics of fair chase hunting.

Since 1987, Eastmans' Publishing, Inc. has grown into one of the largest names in the hunting industry. Eastmans' now publishes two magazines - Eastmans' Hunting Journal and Eastmans' Bowhunting Journal, produces a national TV show, numerous books, and DVDs. Today, Eastmans' Publishing, Inc. is owned and operated by Guy and Ike Eastman, Mike and Bertie's sons.

Eastmans' Publishing strives to help our audiences become more skilled and ethical hunters, while expanding their knowledge, appreciation, and awareness of the outdoors and wildlife through entertainment media. We publish book and magazines, along with producing videos, DVDs, and TV programs.

Source: Eastmans' Publishing Inc. website.

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Eastmans' Publishing Inc. Magazines & Media Kits

Eastmans' Bowhunting Journal

Like its predecessor, Eastmansí Bowhunting Journal has set itself apart as the authority on big game bowhunting. The magazine itself was created from reader response to the EHJ, seeking a publication that best served their passion - big game bowhunting.

Eastmans' Hunting Journal

The original trophy hunting magazine still sets the standard. Eastmansí Hunting Journal is the most well known nationwide magazine dedicated solely to North American big game hunting.