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Dynamic Resource Group has two major business divisions specializing in publishing of magazines, consumer catalogs and books and subscription and product fulfillment. Dynamic Resource Group is now in its third generation as a privately owned company.

DRG had its beginnings early last century when Christian Muselman founded Economy Printing Concern in his hometown of Berne in 1925. In the late 1950s, his sons continued to expand printing operations. DRG's publishing and direct marketing history began in New England in 1947 with the founding of magazine publisher House of White Birches by brothers Ed and Mike Kutlowski of Seabrook, N.H.

Today, all of the DRG brands come under the heading of DRG, which includes the company's publishing/direct marketing division in Berne and its fulfillment division in Texas.

Source: DRG website.

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Annie's is the craft and nostalgia publishing division of DRG, part of the third-generation Muselman family business located in Berne, Ind., near Fort Wayne.

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