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Dominion Parenting Media

Dominion Parenting Media

Dominion Parenting Media is the nation's largest publisher of free regional parenting magazines. Our publications target moms, expectant mothers, and families with children in Los Angeles, Boston, San Antonio, New York, San Francisco and Denver areas.

With eight parenting titles in six major metropolitan markets, Dominion Parenting Media reaches more than 550,000 families each month. In addition, the group also publishes forty two ancillary publications, covering topics such as education resources, family-friendly businesses, a special b.a.b.y.™ issue for expectant mothers, and many other helpful resources that parents use to help grow their families.

Dominion Parenting Media magazines have won numerous national editorial awards every year since 1989, and helps to set the standard in the industry for editorial excellence.

Dominion Parenting Media is a subsidiary of Dominion Enterprises.

Source: Dominion Parenting Media website.

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Dominion Parenting Media Magazines & Media Kits

Bay Area Parent

The best parenting news and information for Bay Area families. You won’t find better content in any other parenting magazine – local or national.

Boston Parents Paper

The award-winning magazine and Web site reaching more than 155,000 parents and families across Eastern Massachustts.

Colorado Parent

Colorado's Best Local Parenting Info for 25 Years.

L.A. Parent

L.A.'s go-to source for all things parenting!

Westchester Family

Westchester's go to source for everything parenting.