AdSprouts is one place to publish, share and access media kits

We are the media kit people. We connect advertisers and magazine publishers. We build media kits.

AdSprouts is one place to publish, share and access media kits

AdSprouts Platform was built to help companies and agencies find advertising opportunities with publishers, and to help publishers reach new advertisers.

We aim to give our users everything they need to know about advertising in over 148 consumer markets.

For over 2 years AdSprouts team has been reviewing, collecting and classifying media kits. We have analyzed over 8,500 print and digital media packages.

As a result, we have developed a methodical approach for evaluating media kits and published several related research reports.

As of today, AdSprouts has launched 2,591 Micro MediaKits™. Will yours be next?

Micro MediaKit is a Wikipedia-style page on AdSprouts Platform. Every media brand (publication, website, event) is represented via Micro MediaKit containing important advertising facts and figures.

Media planners and buyers, business development executives, publishers and their staff, marketing and PR professionals, art and production people, editors and writers, researchers, students and educators all use AdSprouts to access magazine and media kit information.

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Why are we doing this?

Outdated, hidden, incomplete, broken, hard to find, poorly built and confusing media kits are now the reality for many publications.

The old "fill-out this 20-field registration form", "buy this ridiculous data service subscription" or "get this outdated moth-eaten media kit compendium" approach does NOT cut it anymore.

Way too often publishers miss out on sales opportunity by building digital walls around their media kits. Way too often advertisers settle for less trying to discover critical information for their media planning efforts, and not finding it in time.

We want to make media kits better!

Better to make it better than it needs to be.
- Seth Godin

Making media kits accessible for everyone

With all the media kits being together (in one place), AdSprouts becomes the destination for EVERYTHING media kit. And this means more opportunities for EVERYONE.

We have built The Platform. We have done The Research. We have launched 2,591 Micro MediaKits.

We want YOU to be a part of AdSprouts!

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