AdSprouts Policies & Principles

Our Policies, Principles & Privacy Commitments are fundamental to our business.

Privacy Commitment

Our company takes your privacy very seriously. We are determined to provide clear, easy-to-read information about our privacy commitments and policy. And we welcome your questions and feedback, and invite you to contact us.

We use 3 equally important basic principles:


Disclosure, Transparency and Openness: We fully disclose our Policies in plain language. We do not make surprising changes to our Policies.


Privacy, Security and Protection: We protect your privacy by keep your personal information safe. We never share or sell your personal information to anyone, for any purpose. Never!

Your Voice

Customer Voice, Needs and Concerns: You are in control of how your information is used. We listen to your feedback, wants and needs.

Our privacy commitments are fundamental to our business. The full Privacy Policy is available for your review here.