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What's a Micro MediaKit?

Micro MediaKit is a Wikipedia-style page on the AdSprouts Platform.

Every publication (print or digital) is represented via Micro MediaKit. It contains important information about current advertising opportunities with the publication.

As seen on the right, a Micro MediaKit includes a detailed publication overview, link to a traditional media kit, rate and audience figures, advertising and editorial contacts, and other relevant information available in the AdSprouts database.

We constantly update our records and add additional information and facts to all of our Micro MediaKits.

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AdSprouts Micro MediaKit example

AdSprouts Classification

Links (website, media kit, advertising info, social media pages)

Detailed Overview

AdSprouts Metrics (standard rate, audience & circulation figures, frequency etc.)

Social Media Reach (facebook, twitter, pintrest, google+, youtube, thumblr)

Contact Information (address, phone, email, advertising sales and editorial contacts)

Important notice for Publishers: There is NO techno-Latin here. This is NOT an antiquated moth-eaten directory. It does NOT rhyme with 'RDS'. It is NOT a bag of tricks. NOT a magic wand. And most certainly, AdSprouts will NOT eliminate your need to sell ad space. But it will definitely help you.


Micro MediaKit™

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Micro MediaKit™

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