Our media kit process is easy to follow. We always deliver on time.

We share our proven process with you. We answer all the questions you have. A time line is established.

You send us your current marketing materials in any format you have them available in. Our media kit experts hash out wireframes, structure, comps and execution options.

With your feedback, we setup a fast creative process that results in approved design in days.

We code fast and give you your new media kit. You review. We tweak. It is done!

Your media kit goes live. You give the good news to your sales team.

The media kit experts. Not another vanilla web design shop.

Hassles not included.
Time-wasting research not required.
Nothing to coordinate.
Nothing to configure.

No internal IT people involved.
No complicated interfaces.
No lengthy meetings.
No delays.

Your media kit is your media kit. It is like no other. But it's close enough to those that came before. Close enough to the ones we have built and studied. Close enough that it pays to stop stalling and start working with AdSprouts.

It is never too early to start building your media kit.

Today, you may not have all of the next year rate details available. Or your editorial calendar may not be finalized. You might even be waiting for other people to fill in the blanks. But it should not stop YOU from starting on your media kit now.

We understand that some details change all the time. But we also know that while these details change, the core part always remains the same.

The core of your media kit is your story. The story you have been successfully telling for the last decade. Sometimes even longer. We start building on that solid core foundation today, and we fill in the blanks tomorrow. This approach always works (while all others fail).

Take advantage of AdSprouts media kit process and get a head start on building your media kit early this year. It pays to be ready for the start of your sales season.

Your current media kit process

Not another web design shop. Not a shmorgishborg solution.