Creative and simple custom media kits. Essential features only.

We want to help you find the best solution, not a better way to solve your problem the old way. That's why our media kits do not have a myriad of "robust" {read: useless} features or countless number of "value-added" {read: confusing} options.

Our media kits tell YOUR story in a simple non-overwhelming way. They build trust and win business. They contain only essential features - the stuff that really matters.

(see what's included further down the page)

It's a Media Kit,
NOT a Science Project!

Have one of our media kit experts show you our custom media kits in a short 29-minute online demo.

Custom media kit features

The way to create a great
media kit is to create a
simple media kit

Custom Design

Simple, clean media kit design. Done with you.

You are not buying an off-the-shelf product; you are buying a tailored service engagement. Your media kit is designed with YOU and for YOU. Based on YOUR story. Based on YOUR brand.

We make sure you get the creative you can be proud of. Proud to put you name on it. Proud to deliver it to your clients and prospects.

No generic store-bought templates.
No botched designs.
No shmorgishborg pages.

Simple UI

Straight forward architecture and easy-to-use navigation

Nothing is more disappointing than spending time looking for information and not finding it easily.

We make sure yours is accessible, properly-labeled and well organized. So that even the busiest visitor can get what she wants in a matter of seconds or less than two clicks.

No download wait time.
No 3-screen long registration forms.
No confusing animated menus.

Data Clarity

Visually appealing, well-organized content

We design all the pages to have consistent professionally looking graphics and solid typography.

We make your main points stand out and speak for themselves. We layout the pages so they are easy to read and understand. We love the whitespace!

No cluttered content.
No lame stock photos.
No 4-level bullet-point lists.

Lead Capture

Simple visitor's registration form with high conversion rate

Lengthy registration forms do not work. Excessive amount of fields kills conversions.

Our forms are easy to fill out, their purpose is clear and the intent of the data collected is transparent. We build short well designed forms that produce the highest conversion.

Not 5%. Not 10%. But over 80% conversion rate in some cases!


Downloadable take-away materials in a PDF format

We put in a special Download section that contains most important take-away materials your visitors are after - full media kit, advertising rate cards, editorial calendars, closing dates, advertising specs, terms & conditions etc.

Priority on-demand updates for all your downloadable materials: if something has changed we update within 24 hours.


Search engine optimized page layout, content and structure

Your prospects and client use Google, Yahoo and Bing to find you. Your media kit needs to be optimized for this.

We register a dedicated URL for your media kit. We build SEO-friendly site structure and sitemap. We optimize EVERY SINGLE page.

No black hat tactics.
No keyword stuffing.
No search engine spamming.

And we give you one actionable analytics dashboard - so you can track, learn and improve.

Not another web design shop. Not a shmorgishborg solution.