The Media Kit People. We Create Great Custom Media Kits.

We consult, plan, design, build, launch and fully support your publication media kit.

A media kit that makes you look good. A media kit that's admired. A media kit that generates new sales leads. It is tailored to meet your needs without the hassles of managing technology and complex processes, or making large upfront financial commitments.

Your new stunning media kit will make your competitors green with envy and it will be a simple and fun experience.


Our idea:

Offer a simple custom media kit solution for publishers; price it affordably. Develop a step-by-step media kit creation process; make it simple to understand and easy to follow. And finally, ensure your satisfaction with our media kit guarantee.

In a time when everyone has access to the same tools and technologies, having the tools is not much of an advantage. Having a system for reaching your goals is.

We all know that even the best and coolest new tools can be misused if the "operator" does not have a clear idea of what she wants to accomplish, or knows how to use the tools properly.

Owning a tool does not automatically guarantee successful outcome. Having a system proven process, proper blueprints, experienced staff and focus to follow through on all the steps DOES.

Our process starts with brainstorming. We then go deeper and work on the design. Creative ideas are then transferred into code and delivered to you for review. (See what a media kit expert can do in just 21 days).

The result: your beautiful media kit that is built right. Built with you. Built for you. On time. On budget.

All of our custom media kits have:

Straight forward architecture and easy-to-use navigation

Visually appealing, well-organized content

A lead generation registration form with high conversion rate

Downloadable take-away materials (PDF sell sheets)

Search engine optimized pages

One actionable analytics dashboard. So you can track, learn and improve

Our goal is to build a brand new media kit in a most intuitive, open and collaborative way. We will respect your time. We will respect your knowledge. And we will respect your opinion.

Not another web design shop.
Not a shmorgishborg solution.